100–0 Diptych Screenprints

100–0 is a split-fountain diptych print series utilising 13 hand-mixed tints of black ink and white to create a fluid gradient screenprint from 100% black to nearly white across two sheets.

The project, which was two years in the making, is a mixed art and design collaboration between Minimalissimo and hybrid graphic designers / artists, Berger & Föhr. 100–0 straddles the line between contemporary graphic design and fine art printmaking, embracing the imperfectness and ephemeral magic inherent to such an approach.

A limited edition of only 30 stamped, signed, and numbered screenprints, we would love to see these beautifully minimal diptychs showcased in the homes and offices of our readers and anyone with a genuine appreciation for minimalism in art and design.

See the process of making 100–0

Design Berger & Föhr
Medium Screenprint on Paper
Print Autopulled Split-fountain Screenprint
Paper Coventry Rag 290gsm
Individual Print Dimensions 30 x 22 in (76 x 56 cm)
Colours 13 (tints of black and white)
Sheets 2
Edition of Sets 30
Details Stamped, Signed, and Numbered
Framing Unframed
excl. shipping

Please note:

– These prints can only be purchased as a set.
– Customs taxes may apply (shipping from US).