Crush Me Grinder

Crush Me grinders can be used for a wide variety of spices and are made in a simple timeless Scandinavian design, in our favourite material—oak. The grinders contain an adjustable high-end ceramic grinder mechanism from CrushGrind, and the contents dispense differently, depending on how the grinders are angled. Crush Me has a flat bottom that provides a no-spill function, and it also keeps out steam, which prevents the contents from lumping. It is handy, effective, easy to refill, has a large capacity for salt/pepper, and last for many years! It can be combined with the products Salt Me.

Created by a contemporary Danish design company ByWirth who work passionately within the field of interior decoration, lifestyle and fashion reflecting a distinctly Scandinavian aesthetic and quality. Their philosophy is to make a beautiful everyday design which can withstand frequent use—for many years. Working with genuine natural materials, such as vegetable-tanned leathers and FSC-certified oak, which is why their products will age with beauty and patina.

Design ByWirth
Material Oak
Colour Black

This item ships from the UK and only ships within Europe