Jug (3D Model)

As part of our launch collection, our minimal jug is a utility-first object that will also sit proudly in your home—whether hydrating your plants, a dining table pitcher, or used simply as a vase.

Imagine designing and printing most of your home furnishings in a variety of eco-materials, colours, and sizes. Design that is tailor-made for your home. In collaboration with Boem Studio, we bridge the old and new by working with 3D printing technology. It allows us to design the kinds of new shapes, lines, and useful compact pieces that cannot be made by any other technology.

You can buy the model once and print it whenever you want and however many times you want. You won’t have to depend on a big-box furniture store to create a comfy, functional, and original home. We encourage you to use an eco-friendly 3D printing filament.

Consider printing with Fused filament fabrication (FFF), Multi jet fusion (MJF), or Selective laser sintering (SLS) technologies.

See Boem Studio’s printing tips

Design Aleš Boem
Volume 1.2l
Weight 150g
Nozzle 0.4mm
Layer Height 0.15mm
Wall Line Count 4
Infill 20%
Top + Bottom Layers 14
Dimensions 168 x 210 x 108mm
File Format STL

This is a 3D model file only. Not a physical object. Additionally, depending on the print quality that it will be printed, the surface may be porous. Finally, the above specs are based on FFF tech.