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Owl is a minimalist theme powered by Notion and Super for photographers and artists alike. By removing the non-essential, we have created a fast, simplified, and more focused site design that puts your work first.

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Simple and lightweight with a strong focus on photography, Owl is a customisable template/theme. Setting this theme up is easy with no technical skills needed. The default font is set in Space Grotesk, but you can change it to another of your choice. Showcasing your photos or artwork will look beautiful automatically.

Dark mode? Owl has an automatic light and dark mode toggle, putting the user in control of their preference. Feeling creative? You can customise this theme further to truly make it your own all within your Super panel.

All purchases of Owl get lifetime access to future versioned updates.

5 reasons to choose Notion as your CMS

Before buying this template, please note:

– You must have an account with Notion (this is free)
– You must have a subscribed account with Super


Minimalissimo, Benjamin Hoppe






Dark, Light


Space Grotesk


Yes (within Super panel)


Yes (mobile, tablet, desktop)

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