Minimalissimo Selection: Architecture

Traditionally, an absence of colour and limited use of materials were used to showcase architectural integrity. Today, minimalist structures interpret these principles differently: minimalism is less about colour or material and more about the intention of the design. Architecture is as varied as the designers, locations, and inhabitants. Minimalissimo Selection is a visual exploration of built environments within the spectrum of minimalism. This book will take you through an assortment of impeccable projects from outside-in, showcasing many styles, sizes, materials, and details.

You should consider buying this book if you appreciate the craft that goes into book-making, if you appreciate minimal architecture, and if you are occasionally seeking design inspiration regardless of your field of expertise.

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Creative Director Carl Barenbrug
Art Director Ivan Moreale
Format Full colour, Hardcover
Width 24.5cm
Height 29cm
Weight 1.4kg
Pages 232
ISBN 978-1-5272-8948-2
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